July Recap #AmWriting

In July, I wrote 211 blog words, 5,247 new words, and edited 3,380 words. Compared to June, I was up in blog words and new words, but down in edits.

Although July was supposed to be the slow month of my summer, it proved to not be slow at all. It was jam packed, in fact! And I don’t even know where the first week in August went! Craziness.

My goal for August is to do a lot more editing and try to write at least 5000 new words. I’ll say my goal is to finish editing the novel I was working on editing. I’d really like to get another book out there for your consumption! Wish me luck! As for my blog, I’d like to post more often. Maybe once a week. Any thoughts on what you’d like me to post about besides word count? Anyone have any blog challenges going on soon?

What are your current writing projects?

New Words! #AmWriting

So, I tracked all the words I worded (nope, that’s not a word) from June 13th to June 30th.

I wrote 117 words for my blog.

I edited 23,206 words from my 2016 A-Z Blog.

I wrote 2,256 new words.

That’s pretty good! It’s not as good as I would like, but it’s pretty good. That’s about 1/4 of my 2016 A-Z Blog. I am working on editing it so I can publish it. I don’t know that I will get a whole lot of it done in July because I am dedicating July to something else… What, you ask?

July is CampNaNoWrtiMo. I am pledging 30 hours of research and outlining for a biography of my mother. I don’t know that I will publish it under this name, but I will be working on it so that I can write it in November.

Five days in and I have put in 3 hours. Let me tell you, writing erotica is A LOT more fun. Alas, this is an important project to me, it’s just heavy writing. So I may try to work a bit on editing and writing some fun things to keep myself engaged.

Is anyone else doing Camp? What writing projects do you all have going?


New Words! #AmWriting

I have written new words AND edited old ones!

Taking a page out of Nicki’s book blog, I have been tracking the number of words I have worked on. I am tracking both the number of new words I have written and the number of words I have edited.

So far, I have been tracking since June 13th. I can tell you that the only days I have gotten anything done are the days I have met with other writers. So I am trying to increase time with other writers, and hopefully increase time working independently.

I’ll report back at the end of the month (which is coming shockingly fast) and let you know how I have fared!

Royalties!? #writeon

I got my first royalty check* today! It was for $3.25. Maybe I should buy some pens… Or maybe just one pen?

Anyway, I’m super excited to actually make some money off of my novel!

*direct deposit

I have sold copies of my first novel, but I haven’t made enough on Barnes and Noble or Amazon to get a check. This one came from Smashwords. 🙂

Reflections on the #AtoZChallenge (AC)

survivor-atoz [2017] v1
I have to admit that I am proud of the fact that I was able to complete the A to Z Blog Challenge in 2017!

In 2016, it took me several months to finish, but I did finally get done. This year, I wrote the entire set of posts as part of my NaNoWriMo project in November and I was able to finish the posts before April started. Granted, I didn’t have the whole set publishing ready as I had hoped, but I did manage to publish by the beginning of May and post all of my entries on time! Next year, I think I’ll write something I can pre-schedule so I can focus more of my attention on reading others’ blogs, though I definitely read more this year than in the past.

For anyone who missed it, I wrote a Choose Your Own Adventure. My readers got to vote on the choices in the month of April. If you want to read one version of the story, courtesy of fellow bloggers, click here. If you are interested in purchasing the whole novel and making your own choices, click here!

None of this would have been possible without the support of some of my writing friends (who also have awesome blogs): Tupeak Hope, Jamie, and Nicki. Much thanks for all your support! ❤

Lastly, I want to make sure to share with you my favorite blogs (from people I don’t know) that I enjoyed this year: Marquessa Matthews and Iain Kelly, both excellent fiction writers!

Feedback on the A to Z Challenge: I loved it, as I did last year! I liked having the Linky List a lot, though. It was really helpful to have because it allowed me to find other Adult Content blogs. I often feel awkward as an adult content writer going to random other blogs and commenting because what if the author is underage? What if the author would be offended by my work? But if I pick other adults who write adult content, I’m on safer ground (plus they’re more likely to be interested).

What if you had a Google Form and made the results public that we could fill out each day? That way it would be a list and people could choose a content area and it would still be less for you [the organizers] to maintain. (PS. I’m happy to show you exactly what I mean if someone from A to Z Challenge wants to contact me for clarity!) Just thinking “out loud.”

In any case, it’s a great event, as always! Thanks organizers!

Thanks for reading!