TMI Tuesday

1. Which animal listed below represents your true sexual self?
a. Chipmunk – cute and cuddly
b. Monkey – all about being mischievousness
c. Tiger – I’ve earned my stripes

a) Definitely. I am the epitome of cute and cuddly. My partners often remark at how cute I am, and I am cuddly with literally everyone if I don’t hold myself back.

2. Your partner is in the mood for sexy fun and you are tired – what do you do?
a. Start snoring. There is no way I’m giving it up tonight.
b. Trade. You give me a massage… and we will see…
c. That would never happen!

It depends. It doesn’t happen often anymore, so I would lean toward C, but B is often the case as well. I love being woken up on a weekend by a nice massage… that leads to more.

3. Which of these sexual descriptive labels closely matches you?
a. Dominant
b. Submissive
c. Top
d. Bottom
e. Switch
f. Kinkster

e) Switch – but I lean more submissive than Dominant.

4. Would you rather have your enemy eaten by a shark or die in an earthquake getting swallowed up by earth?

Either is fine. But I do like sharks, so probably the earthquake.

5. For the next year, would you rather be dressed like a mime every day OR look normal but not be allowed to talk?

Dress like a mime! I am a chatterbox. I can’t help it!

Bonus: What’s the most beautiful word in the world?

Love. ❤

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I wanted to have another novel published this summer. I pushed in August to get one done. And yet… nothing is even remotely close to being publish-ready.

As a good friend of mine says, “It is what it is.”

But I’m not giving up! I’m going to keep trying. I have no idea what I’m writing in November, so I need to figure that out before we get to NaNo. So if I can finish and publish this novel by mid-October, that would give me some time to figure out what the hell I’m doing for November…

Sorry this post got boring. But the message is:

Don’t give up on your goals!

TMI Tuesday

1. What promises have you never carried through for yourself?

I played the piano as a child, and I have wanted to get back into it for years. I promised myself I would, and yet I don’t work toward the goal.

2. If you could change one law of your country, what would it be?

Just one?

Listen, I try to stay out of politics as a writer because I feel like my expertise in this realm is erotic fiction, not politics.

But since you asked… If I could only pick one, it would probably be something to do with limiting the guns that shoot many, many rounds in a second. (Not the ones for personal protection, not the ones for hunting, but the ones that kill lots of people when used improperly. I don’t want to debate it, I just don’t think they’re necessary for average citizen use.)

3. Are you a starter or a finisher?

I’m a starter, I’m sad to say. I want to finish more, but I’m really good at starting!

4. How do Mondays feel for you? What about Tuesdays?

Mondays are… Okay. There are some positives about them. I generally like my job, and my favorite TV show is on Monday nights.

Tuesdays are better though. There are times with friends after work on Tuesdays that make life great.

5. What scares you about your future?

Oh relationships scare the crap out of me. Start new ones, old ones ending, whatever the case is. I know that it’s all worth it, and I am very happy with the way I’m living my life with my husband, but the uncertainly of being poly scares me. I wouldn’t change it though, and I have given it *lots* of thought.

Bonus: What do you wish you cared less about?

Perfection. I am constantly taking time to do more to make things just right, things that aren’t worth the time I’m investing. Maybe someday I’ll care less. I’m actively working on letting go of some of those things though.

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TMI Tuesday

Oops, I missed Tuesday and I was just going to skip it until I saw the questions!

1. You can only keep 3 things: (pick and explain your choices)

Wine or Beer

Jewelry: I’m never without my rings and earrings. Books: How could I do without? Netflix: I love movies.

Plus there’s no chocolate, coffee, or beer in my life, and I like wine, but I don’t need it.

2. If your job gave you a surprise 3-day paid break, what would you do with those three days?

Clean! Okay, probably not, but I should. I would probably write.

3. Have you ever had a threesome? What was the configuration?

Many, many times. My husband and I have both MMF and FFM threesomes. We’re both bi, so it’s fun to experiment!

4. In a threesome, do you like to be the star attraction or a bit player/personal assistant?

I like both. I can sit back and be happy to watch my husband with someone else and be perfectly content (and turned on!) but I do prefer to be the star attraction. Balance in all things though!

5. Would you have another threesome?

Hell yeah. We’ll likely have one soon.

Bonus: Rate your last threesome on a scale of 1-5, 5 being fantastic.

6. Oh oops, that’s off the scale.

One of the things that made it so great was that it was unexpected. Our partner was staying over for convenience for the plans we’d made and we were just going to cuddle… And oops! Next thing you know is 2:30am and everyone has had orgasms. Yay!

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Body Image

The other day, as I was catching up on blogs, I came across a post from Meg Sorick which included the following quote:

She was beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines. She was beautiful for the way she thought. She was beautiful for the sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved. She was beautiful for her ability to make other people smile, even if she was sad. No, she wasn’t beautiful for something as temporary as her looks. She was beautiful deep down to her soul. ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

I loved Meg’s take on the quote and how it related to her writing, but it’s something that I have thought a lot about in my own life, as well as in my writing.

In my writing, sometimes my main character isn’t described physically in a lot of detail. As some of my friends have read those works, I asked if they noticed and they didn’t. They all kind of imagined themselves in the role, which makes sense as it’s first-person writing. I want to allow the reader to fill in the blank with whatever physical characteristics they fantasize about or apply to them.

But I realize that this method doesn’t work for everyone, and sometimes I write very detailed descriptions of the characters. But I notice when I read novels, I tend to get bored reading a paragraph long description of physical characteristics. I’m fine if it comes out gradually, but even in prominent name writer’s books, sometimes it gets to be too much for me.

But let’s talk about me for a minute (since it’s my blog and all). I have *always* had a problem with self-image. I know some of you reading this know what I’m talking about. I constantly find myself thinking that my belly has grown in the past few years, and that my thighs are just so massive, and that I wish the flab on my arms would go away. I go to the gym when my physical abilities allow me to. I work in a job where I’m on my feet all day. I try to eat healthy as often as I can. It’s just one of those things.

And yet, when I look at the people I date, really look at them, they aren’t any more perfect than I am. But I find each one of them sexy and/or cute. And each one has a physical characteristic (or two) that I am really attracted to, but what really draws me to these people is who they are on the inside and how they make me feel. What makes me care about someone is not what they look like, but who they are.

So why can’t I apply that same logic to my own looks? My partners frequently tell me that I am beautiful or sexy. I know that I make people smile. One of my best friends calls me Sunshine. But sometimes (okay, most of the time), I have trouble seeing it. But I try to remember quotes like this one, which stuck out in my mind for days. I try to see myself as others see me. And I try to remind myself that it’s not about my big thighs or my pudgy belly, but the way I make others feel that really matter.

Gooood Morning!

Usually I post polished (or mostly polished) fiction, but today I’m going to post something a little different. I have always been pretty private about my life because my privacy is very important to me. Only because I have a day job that requires discretion.

So as I’ve thought about what I could or should write on here that would be more than short stories or answering TMI Tuesday questions, I thought about what I like reading in other blogs. I love to hear real life stories about other people’s experiences.

So I thought I would tell you a bit about my very wonderful morning…

I woke up after hubby, as always, but he had stayed in bed. We lay next to each other reading for a little while (blogs for me, gaming books for him) and then we instinctively rolled toward each other on the big bed. He playfully spanked my ass lightly. I told him he was being a tease… Whoops.

Now let me tell you about our dynamic. If you’ve followed my blog at all, you may have noticed it has a lot of BDSM elements. In some aspects, we are a 24/7 D/s couple. If he wants sex, he’ll get it. Outside the bedroom and play time, we’re equals in all things: raising the kids, budgeting, running the household, etc. But if we’re alone, and he wants it to be playtime, it is.

Anyway, this morning.

He kissed me and rolled me over so he could really spank me. I can sit here and tell you I didn’t really like the sharp sting (I much prefer a thuddy cane), but my wet pussy doesn’t lie.

Then he started playing with my clit and fingering me. But he wasn’t getting me to orgasm. We’ve been together more than a decade, so it’s unusual for him to not get me off quickly. And then he whispered in my ear, “Do you want to cum?”

Of course I said yes.

“Maybe next time you’ll think twice about telling me I’m a tease. This is teasing.”


Thankfully he did let me cum, but only with the understanding that I was going to suck him clean after he fucked me. I don’t like doing it, but when he asks, I always do.

With that understanding secured, he slid down the bed and got between my legs. Using both his fingers and his tongue, he had me screaming into a pillow in moments. Then he crawled back up my body and slid inside me. I held on tight, loving the feel of his cock inside me and the strength in his arms as he held himself above me.

After he filled me with his cum, he rolled off and I crawled over, taking him into my mouth. I am not a huge fan of the taste of myself, but it’s worth it to hear his grunts of pleasure as I suck his softening cock.

We had a quick cuddle, and then up to start the day! No rest for the weary, but at least we got to have a little fun. 🙂


I had a lot of trouble keeping up with reading all the amazing blogs I have found. Most were from the A to Z Blog Challenge, and comments on those other blogs led me to more amazing blogs. I followed all of them and subscribed to emails so I would see the new posts. That was all fine and dandy until I didn’t look at that email for a month. Oops.

For the last couple days I have been working really hard to get through them all, read and comment. And today I did it!

I also want to make sure I keep my own blog up to date. I’m not sure who out there keeps coming back, but I have hits on the site every day, so someone’s checking for new content!

Let me know if there’s anything you want me to talk about here besides uploading fiction.

Speaking of fiction… I have been working on editing Y is for Yes, which was the ultimate winner of the 26 stories I started in April. It’s all written now! So, it’s just a matter of editing, cover art, and formatting and then I can get that out there!

I am hoping to be able to do it by the end of August, so stay tuned (and feel free to poke me about it)!