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About bit about me:

Hi everyone! My name is Jayden Vincente (or J. R. Vincente) and I am an author of erotic fiction. I’ve been writing for 15 years and published my first novel in 2015! I am active in the BDSM lifestyle and have been focusing my writing on Dominant and submissive relationships.

Published Novels:

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Gooood Morning!

Usually I post polished (or mostly polished) fiction, but today I’m going to post something a little different. I have always been pretty private about my life because my privacy is very important to me. Only because I have a day job that requires discretion.

So as I’ve thought about what I could or should write on here that would be more than short stories or answering TMI Tuesday questions, I thought about what I like reading in other blogs. I love to hear real life stories about other people’s experiences.

So I thought I would tell you a bit about my very wonderful morning…

I woke up after hubby, as always, but he had stayed in bed. We lay next to each other reading for a little while (blogs for me, gaming books for him) and then we instinctively rolled toward each other on the big bed. He playfully spanked my ass lightly. I told him he was being a tease… Whoops.

Now let me tell you about our dynamic. If you’ve followed my blog at all, you may have noticed it has a lot of BDSM elements. In some aspects, we are a 24/7 D/s couple. If he wants sex, he’ll get it. Outside the bedroom and play time, we’re equals in all things: raising the kids, budgeting, running the household, etc. But if we’re alone, and he wants it to be playtime, it is.

Anyway, this morning.

He kissed me and rolled me over so he could really spank me. I can sit here and tell you I didn’t really like the sharp sting (I much prefer a thuddy cane), but my wet pussy doesn’t lie.

Then he started playing with my clit and fingering me. But he wasn’t getting me to orgasm. We’ve been together more than a decade, so it’s unusual for him to not get me off quickly. And then he whispered in my ear, “Do you want to cum?”

Of course I said yes.

“Maybe next time you’ll think twice about telling me I’m a tease. This is teasing.”


Thankfully he did let me cum, but only with the understanding that I was going to suck him clean after he fucked me. I don’t like doing it, but when he asks, I always do.

With that understanding secured, he slid down the bed and got between my legs. Using both his fingers and his tongue, he had me screaming into a pillow in moments. Then he crawled back up my body and slid inside me. I held on tight, loving the feel of his cock inside me and the strength in his arms as he held himself above me.

After he filled me with his cum, he rolled off and I crawled over, taking him into my mouth. I am not a huge fan of the taste of myself, but it’s worth it to hear his grunts of pleasure as I suck his softening cock.

We had a quick cuddle, and then up to start the day! No rest for the weary, but at least we got to have a little fun. 🙂

Y is for Yes – Part 3 #AtoZChallenge

Here is the next installment to my story Y is for Yes, which was the favorite for the second two stories in May.

If you didn’t read Y is for Yes, you’ll want to go back and read that and its continuation first. If you don’t know what’s going on, check out my Theme Reveal for full details.

The heat growing between my legs was boiling. I hadn’t expected it. I hadn’t expected any of it. But here we were, in my office, and I was about to be nearly nude.

“I suppose we had better slip you out of this skirt before it stains, then.”

I watched him, biting my lower lip as his fingers gently moved to the zipper next to my hip. He touched me so little as he unzipped it, just the lightest brush of his fingers, and all I wanted was to feel them pressed against my flesh until they bruised.

I used his shoulder for balance as I stepped out of my skirt. I stumbled just a little, and his hand came up to my hip to steady me. The touch was electric, and I couldn’t suppress a shudder. When I was steady, he left his hand there a touch longer, and then he took a step back from me. “Would you like me to help you take your bra off, Yvonne?”

“Yes, please,” I whispered, and I turned around so he could unclasp it. He slid the shoulder straps down, but my hands were covering my breasts, so the fabric stayed in place. I turned back to him, and he waited. He didn’t push, or comment, or make impatient noises; he just waited for me to move my hands. I did, slowly, my eyes locked on his. He met my gaze until my arms started to move, and then his gaze dropped lower. He actually moaned as my breasts were exposed to him, creamy pale skin that had never seen the light of the sun. My pink nipples were hard little nubs, making my large nipples appear much smaller. A grin formed at the corners of his lips and grew as he observed me.

“Yvonne,” he groaned my name, and this time it brought forth a gush of arousal from between my legs.

He dropped to his knees in front of me. “Did you get coffee on these little satin panties?”

I didn’t know that my panties qualified as little, but I let it go. “I don’t think so,” I said, a little thrill of anticipation in my voice. Was Derek just saying that so he could get me out of them?

“Well, they are soaked through, Yvonne. If it’s not coffee, then what is it?”

I blushed furiously. He ran a finger over my panties, right over my slit and I knew that I was so aroused that I was soaking through them.

“Yvonne, answer me.”

I didn’t know what to say. “It’s-it’s-” I stuttered. He waited, a little impatient this time. “I’m so turned on,” I said, not able to meet his eyes.

He grinned up at me again, taking my confession as permission to touch me. His hands ran up my leg, and I knew that he was feeling a few days worth of stubble since my last shave. I was embarrassed. When he reached my panties, he didn’t take them off or slip his fingers underneath them, but he explored across the fabric all the same. I moaned at his soft touch. He moved upward, trailing his hands along my sides until he was at my breasts. He cupped one in each hand, feeling the weight of them. “Yvonne, you are beautiful.”

The blush that had been fading came back in full force. He let go of my breasts, and I fought not to groan in protest. But then his arms were wrapped around me, his hands in my hair and he pulled me against him so that my breasts were pressed against his soft shirt.

“Kiss me,” he said quietly, and I didn’t hesitate.

I closed the distance between us and pressed my lips against his, but that was where my illusion of control ended.

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L is for Lifeguard – Part 3 #AtoZChallenge

Here is the next installment to my story L is for Lifeguard, which was the favorite for the first two stories in May.

If you didn’t read L is for Lifeguard, you’ll want to go back and read that and its continuation first. If you don’t know what’s going on, check out my Theme Reveal for full details.

Within another 12 hours, the hospital was ready to send me home. I wasn’t sure that I was ready to go home, but they definitely wanted me gone. My nurse came in to go over discharge instructions with me. “Your fiancé is going to take you home, right?”



Wait, I didn’t say that. Who said that? Jack? Shit, Jack said it.

My mouth dropped open, and I started to protest when I got a sharp elbow to the ribs from Julie.

I shut my mouth and nodded in agreement.

When the nurse pushed my wheelchair into the sunlight, the first thing I saw was an old blue Subaru station wagon. “Sorry, my car isn’t anything special,” he said.

“No, it’s fine,” I said. “Thank you for taking us home.” He helped me get settled into the front seat and settled Julie in the back. I was surprised to see a booster seat in the back seat for her. “Why do you have a car seat?” I asked.

“I take my niece out a lot, so I picked one up a while back. I just haven’t taken it out of my car.”

“Well, that was fortuitous.”

“It was,” he agreed. He put the car in gear. “So, uh, where do you live?”

“Oh!” I laughed. I gave him the address, and he put it in the GPS app on his phone which he attached to the dashboard.

“I can’t wait to get home,” Julie said. She babbled on in the back seat about how she wanted to see her friend who lived next door and how she couldn’t wait to sleep in her own bed. I let her chatter, giving an occasional, “Oh!” or “Uh huh.” She did explain that we had to pretend that Jack and I were engaged so they wouldn’t give them a hard time about him staying there and taking care of Julie.

When we pulled up in front of the house, Julie practically leaped from the car and ran to the neighbor’s gate. I wanted to call her back and reprimand her for running off without permission, but I just didn’t have the energy.

“Thanks for taking us home,” I said again.

“It’s no problem.”

I didn’t know what else to say, and I started to get out of the car, but he said, “Marigold?” and I stopped dead.

No one called me Marigold. I went by Mari. Everyone I knew called me Mari. But Jack wouldn’t have known that. We had never spoken before. And he would have seen my name on the medical charts.

“Call me Mari,” I said stiffly.

“I’m sorry, Mari,” he said. A hush fell over the car, and we sat staring at each other for a moment. “I know that we really don’t know each other, but I feel like I know you after spending so much time with Julie.”

A flutter of fear went through me. He was good eye candy, but that’s all he was ever supposed to be. We weren’t supposed to be friends. And now he and Julie had become besties, apparently. I didn’t know how to take that.

“I want to get to know you for myself, Mari.”

My mouth was dry. I was more nervous than I had ever been. All I wanted was to get inside and take a shower and sleep in my own bed. But I couldn’t do that. I had to follow Julie and find out if the neighbors were home and make arrangements for her to play there or bring her home. And here was Jake… no Jack practically hitting on me. What was I ever going to do?

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TMI Tuesday

1. Is your sex life more fantasy or reality?

It’s a little of both. The reality fuels the fantasy.

2. If you could hook-up with a past lover (with no repercussions or regret), who would it be and why? (No need to use real names just briefly describe the person and their relationship to you.)

Ooo, this is interesting. I am particularly happy with the lovers I have, so it’s hard to think back. I do have one that was short lived, but enjoyable in bed. We dated for a week in High School, but it was a good relationship. If I believed in regrets, I would regret breaking things off with him.

3. You can only indulge in one of the following sex acts for the rest of your life, which would you choose to enjoy?
a. oral sex, only giving
b. 69
(c). oral sex, only receiving
d. mutual masturbation

Hands down it’s my favorite thing!

4. With each lover do you pay attention to what they want or do you have a repertoire that you stick to when having sex?

The fun for me is doing different things that please my partner. I have found that there are things that I enjoy with one partner that I may not enjoy with another. Their enjoyment is a huge part of my enjoyment.

5. Do you initiate sex for healthful benefits, e.g., to sleep better or relieve pain?

Yes, absolutely. Sometimes it’s just because I want to, but sometimes it’s stress relief. When I have a huge desire to sub, it’s usually for stress relief.

Bonus: Do you understand the clitoris?

Yes, at least, I understand my own. I haven’t had a girlfriend enough to figure out another woman’s, but my basic understanding is that each person is slightly different.

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O is for Outcast – Part 2 #AtoZChallenge

Here is the next installment to my Third Week Favorite!

If you didn’t read O is for Outcast, you’ll want to go back and read that first. If you don’t know what’s going on, check out my Theme Reveal for full details. Don’t forget to vote for 4th week favorites and come back next week for more!

With next week’s installment, you’ll also be able to vote for your favorite of the four stories posted in May. I’ll also count likes and comments!


I was literally holding my breath. Had I really just told my best friend that I was in love with her? Yes, yes I did. I felt my whole body break out in a cold sweat. I wondered what Krystal would think of my clammy hands. What if I just ruined the best friendship I’d ever had? All the thoughts and doubts swirled in my head. It felt like minutes went by, but I was pretty sure it could only have been seconds. I suddenly wished we hadn’t gotten up on the couch. If I were sitting on the floor, I couldn’t slide off when my body went limp.

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