Short Story 2 #amwriting

If you missed it, while I’m stuck at home for days on end, I’m asking for suggestions for short story topics. Give me fetishes, kinks, specific groupings or events that you want to see featured in a short story, and I’ll do my best!

From Anonymous Hal: “Try something with a sexy army guy then.”

When my boyfriend left for basic training, I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle not being able to see him for weeks on end. But we managed. I wrote him letters and saved them for when he got home. Little did I know there was no way he was going to read them the first night he got back. He had other plans.

I was waiting for him when Drake stepped off the bus that brought him home. I rushed into his arms, but it was short lived. His parents whisked him away so they could spend time with him. Just before he got in their car, he whispered in my ear, “Tonight. I’ll pick you up at 9.”

“Can’t wait,” I said.

“Be ready for the time of your life,” he said with a wink.

And then he was gone.

I went home, frustrated and alone.

But now it’s almost 9, and I am so excited. I can’t believe the weeks have passed, and now the hours, and in just a few minutes, Drake will be at my door. Both of us being 19, we live at home, so spending time together at home is never an easy prospect. I don’t know where he’s taking me or what he has in mind, but I’m excited, nonetheless.

The doorbell rings, and I jump up to get it. My dad sits in front of the television and grunts as I run for the door. My mom is in the kitchen.

“Hi,” I say, rushing into Drake’s arms.

He’s wearing his Army uniform and it’s fucking sexy. “Hey,” he says.

“Let’s go,” I say, not wanting to be waylaid any further.

“When do you need to be home?” he asks.

“I don’t care,” I whisper. “Let’s just get out of here.”

He shrugs, and we go.  He surprises me by taking me to a hotel on the other side of town. We check in, and he takes me up to a room. “I didn’t even know you can get rooms at our age,” I say.

“You can’t,” he says, “but I had help.”

I raise one eyebrow at him, but I don’t care. He carries a suitcase down the hall, and I wonder what he’s packed in it. It doesn’t take me long to find out.

“I have had someone tell me when I can eat, sleep, sit, stand, and everything else for the last three weeks. Right now, more than anything else, I need to tell you what to do.”

“Yes, Sir,” I say with a grin. He knows I love being told what to do, so that works well for me. It was something we had played with a little before he left, but I’m always happy to play more.

“Good girl,” he says.

I kneel down in front of him in the closed hotel room.

“Take off your clothes.”

I do, without hesitation, tossing them to the side.

He takes a moment to look at me standing in front of him. “You are a sight for sore eyes, love,” he says.

“I’ve missed you, too, Sir,” I tease. He stays in his uniform, and it’s so fucking sexy I can’t stand it. I almost don’t want him to get undressed, except I really want to get to his cock.

“Get up on the bed on your hands and knees.”

I do, and I wait, watching his every move over my shoulder. He sets the suitcase on a bench and opens it. I can’t see what he’s getting out, but he turns back to me with a blindfold in hand. He slides it over my eyes, and then I can’t see anything anyway. I try to listen for his movements, but I don’t really hear anything I can discern.

The first thing I feel is the rush of air just before the paddle hits me. My whole body rocks forward, but I immediately rock back, so I’m back in the position he told me to be in by the time he hits me again. I moan loudly, lowering my face to the bed.

“Thank you, Sir,” I groan.

He paddles my ass again and again. I love it. The sting, the thud, the soreness that follows. My bare pussy is getting wet already. I want him so badly. I want to see him in his uniform paddling my ass. But he doesn’t take the blindfold off. Instead, he stops paddling me. I whimper in disappointment when he stops. But I don’t have long to be disappointed. This time, he has a flogger. The sting is very different than the paddle, and there isn’t as much of a thud behind it, but I love it.

I keep my face lowered to the bed, but my ass up in the air. I try to count how many times he hits me, but I can’t. I get too distracted.

“Flip over,” he tells me, and I do, spreading my legs for him. His finger runs up my slit. “A little wet.”

“Yes, Sir,” I say automatically.

“Put your hands behind your head.”

I do, and I wait, knowing instinctively what’s coming.

The flogger comes down across my breasts first. It stings so much, but it feels incredible. My nipples ached with a need to be hurt while he was gone. Nothing I could do to myself would satisfy me. This is what I need. The flogger comes down again and again, and I imagine how pink my skin must be getting. Then he moves to my pussy. I jump with every strike, but I keep my legs spread for him, my pussy presented.

My clit is protected by its little hood, but as I get more and more turned on, I can feel the sting even more as it swells and protrudes. I want to tell Drake to stop, but I don’t. More than anything, I want him to be able to let loose and do everything his heart desires.

When he does stop, it’s to take off my blindfold. “I want you to see the hit coming,” he says.

“Yes, Sir,” I whisper. I resist the urge to close my eyes, which is what I really want to do.

He brings his hand back, and all I can see is the uniform. So fucking sexy. And then the flogger connects, and my attention is drawn to the many rubber thongs on the end of the stick. He hits my pussy over and over, and I can feel an orgasm building, but then he moves up my body, striking my stomach lightly, and then harder across my breasts. It takes all of my willpower not to turn my face away when he brings the flogger down. He wants me to watch, and I want to watch, but it’s hard to ignore that instinct. He has never hit my face, and I know he won’t, but it’s still an automatic instinct.

When he’s decided he’s done, he sets the flogger aside. My hands are still up above my head, waiting patiently for him. Or, maybe not so patiently. I want to feel his cock inside me more than anything, and I’m sure he wants the same. But I will wait.

And he makes me wait.

He takes his uniform off piece by piece, carefully folding each one and setting it up on the dresser. So respectful. And I just want him to toss his clothes aside like I did. But no, he wouldn’t do that with his uniform.

I’m squirming on the bed by the time he’s done. And then he’s standing in front of me, naked and beautiful, his hard cock protruding straight out from his body.

“I can’t decide,” he says looking me up and down, “which hole I want to use first.”

I want him to use them all. Again and again until I beg for mercy. But I’m sure he won’t last through all of them, not the first time. But I’m keeping him in this room as long as I can. I don’t have to say anything. He’s not looking for my input.

“Get over here and suck my cock,” he says.

I roll over and crawl toward him. I dip my head down so I can take his cock in my mouth, and the guttural groan when he hits the back of my throat reverberates through my entire body. It’s like electricity, and all I want is for him to make that sound again. I deep throat him a few more times before he pushes me off.

“I need your pussy,” he says.

“Yes, Sir, please,” I say, and I twist my body so I can be on my back again.

“Not like that,” he says. “I want you on your hands and knees this time.”

“Yes, Sir,” I turn as he asked and present my sore ass to him.

His fingers trace the pink marks he left there. “Beautiful,” he says, and then he presses his hard cock into my pussy.

I groan into the bed as he sinks home, and the moan that comes from his lips is just as sweet. He starts to fuck me, slowly at first, but then faster and faster until he’s pounding into me. “Oh yes,” I groan, “fuck me hard, Sir. I need your cock so badly. Thank you, Sir, thank you!”

I know he likes it when I say those things to him, and I know he’s already worked up. It doesn’t take long. He starts to spank my ass between thrusts, and it spurs me on to push back against him. I want to feel the rush of cum. I want to feel his body tense. I want all of it.

And I get my wish.

His fingers dig into my hips as he thrusts the last few times. I glance over my shoulder to watch his face as he throws his head back and groans loudly. “Oh yeah, baby. So fucking good.”

When he pulls out of my pussy, I turn back to him so I can take his cock into my mouth again. Now he tastes like me, and I don’t love it, but I love the way he reacts to it. I gently lick his cock, cleaning off my own juices and the dribbles of cum that are still beading on the tip of his cock.

“Oh yeah,” he groans as I do. “Don’t clean up,” he says. “I’m not even nearly done with you.”

Short Story 1 #amwriting

Anonymous Hal asked me to write “Real life kink… Threesome with your husband and best guy friend.” I picked a more recent real life experience to write about, highlighting the curiosity of a new experience. I’ve had curiosity on my mind a lot lately, with the Erotic Journal Challenge prompt of Curiosity for March. So, enjoy this little story, and feel free to make more suggestions for topics for me to write some fiction about!

I climb onto the bed on my hands and knees, sticking my round ass in the air. Lucas climbs on next to me, mimicking my stance. I can hear Nick moving behind me, and I chance a glance in his direction. He has a hand-carved cane in his hand. Not one that helps someone walk, but one that’s designed for one purpose, and one purpose only: to deliver pain. Okay, maybe it has more uses than just that, but that’s what we use it for.

Nick swings it lightly into his other hand, getting his grip right, testing the weight of it. He moves around behind us, getting into position so he can cane us both. The room is too small, but he settles into position behind me.

I know I’m going to be first. Lucas has never been hit with a cane before, and although he enjoys pain, it’s still new. He’s always eager to experience new things, and his curiosity led him to immediately say yes when I asked if he would get caned side by side with me, just for fun.

The first swing takes me by surprise, and I rock forward. I wrap one arm around Lucas’ so that we can hold hands. I’m so cold, and he is so warm. It feels good to have his fingers entwined with mine. Reassuring as Nick swings the cane over and over again. I know he’s going light on me. Just weeks ago, he went hard enough to turn my ass into beautiful shades of purple. But tonight, he’s just having a good time.

I try to keep my stance with my ass in the air, but it’s difficult. Almost immediately, I’m wondering why I asked for this. The thought makes me smirk. And even as my brain wonders what the hell I was thinking, my pussy is so wet. I’m sure I’ll be dripping on the bed soon.

And then my turn is over, and it’s Lucas’. I hold his hand tightly, moving back into position. I love to hear the sounds he makes as Nick gets started. Almost immediately, Lucas says he can go harder. I love to hear the swing of the cane, knowing it isn’t hitting me. Not this time. And as Nick goes on, Lucas makes adorably sexy noises. Little grunts and moans. Our hands are still interlocked, and he looks at me and gives me a quick kiss. His lips are so soft, and his close-cropped beard scratches against my face as we kiss. I want more.

But then it’s my turn again. Nick swings harder this round, and I whimper and unconsciously try to pull away. I don’t go far, though, and Lucas holds my hand the whole time. We go through two more rounds of this, and then I get one final set.

I breathe a sigh of relief as I watch Nick put the cane away. Lucas and I crawl forward onto the bed, and collapse onto our backs, our bodies pressed right up next to each other. Nick cuddles into me on my other side. My ass is so sore, but I love it.

Nick’s fingers trail down my body until they find the spot between my legs where I’m dripping wet and aching with need. His fingers play with my clit, and I have to try hard not to squirm out of his grasp. Lucas’ fingers slide along my thigh and between my folds so that he’s fucking me with them while Nick plays with my clit. The combination is intoxicating, and when they each start to play with one of my nipples, too, I think I’m going to lose my mind. My whole body is trembling, and then I feel my orgasm building. I grip the sheets with my hands, my toes curl, every muscle tenses as the waves of orgasm wash over me. I lay quivering in their arms, my pussy pulsing around Lucas’s fingers.

“Do you want to see my ass?” Lucas asks.

“Yes!” I nearly shout. My pussy spasms again in desire to see Nick’s handiwork.

Lucas rolls onto his side and my fingers trace over the bruises that are already forming. It’s a beautiful shade of purple.

“Does it hurt?” I ask.

“Not much,” he says. He rolls back onto his back, and I am so close to his cock. I position myself so I can suck him. I’m still so wet with need, and he’s so hard. I can’t wait to feel him fill my mouth with his cum. On my hands and knees, my ass is in the air again, Nick comes up behind me. He positions himself so that he can fuck me from behind while I suck Lucas’ cock.

I shudder as Nick’s cock presses deeply inside me, and I take Lucas as deep as I can. He presses against the back of my throat, and I try hard not to gag. It feels so good, though. I flick my tongue across the head of his cock, tasting the bit of precum there. I press him down into the back of my throat again and again, sucking, licking, tasting. When I get so overwhelmed with Nick fucking me, I take my mouth off Lucas for a moment, using my hand to stroke him while I moan and bite into Lucas’ hip. I have to be careful not to bite where I bruised him a few days ago. He rewards me with one of his little moans when I bite him.

I have Lucas pressed into the back of my throat when I feel Nick’s fingers grip my hips as he pounds into me. I know that he’s about to fill me with his cum, and I hope that Lucas is nearing his orgasm, too. I’m greedy. I want them both to fill me up with their hot cum. Nick grunts as he cums inside me, and I focus my efforts on getting Lucas off, too. He’s not far behind. I can hear him moaning lightly, and then the rush of warm liquid hits my tongue and fills my mouth. I wait to swallow until he’s done and has started softening in my mouth.

Sated and tired, we all collapse into a pile of arms and legs, holding each other and cuddling the rest of the night.



I struggle to come out of my hazy sleep in the middle of the night, feeling something. My brain struggles to process what’s happening. And then it’s like all my senses ignite. There is a thumb rubbing across my nipple. It’s not insistent or rough. It’s just steady. Up and down, across the little nub that has formed. As I revel in the feeling of that thumb across my flesh, my entire body suddenly feels like it’s on fire. My pussy contracts with need. I am spooned against my partner, and his cock is hard against my ass. I’m not fully awake, but I want him inside me, and I am not sure I can handle another second without it.

I grind my ass back against him and now he knows I’m awake. “Please,” I groan, and he knows. He knows me so well, every hum of my body.

“I’m sorry,” he says, “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

I don’t care. I don’t care at all. My hips are grinding more firmly against him, trying to change angles and get him inside me. His thumb keeps its slow movements, and I know I am going to lose my mind any second now.

I pull my body away from his and push him roughly on his back. He just smiles up at me as I climb on top of him, directing his cock into my pussy. I am dripping wet with need for him. When I first get him inside me, I am frozen with the feeling of fullness. This is exactly what I needed.

And then he grips my hips and we start to move, up and down, up and down, my pussy clenching around his cock. When he fills me with cum, I collapse on top of him and he caresses my back gently. It’s so soft and sensual, and the fire is still burning inside me.

His cock slips out of me, and I groan with the loss. He gently rolls me off of him and pulls me back into the spooning position we were in when I awoke. But this time, his thumb gently rubs against my clit, and I come undone in his arms.

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Writing Marathon

So a few weeks ago, my local writing group and I did a 24-hour writing marathon. It was epic, as it always is. We do them twice a year (July and November).

I started, as I usually do, with a seed of an idea and ran with it. It went really well until near the end when I couldn’t decide how I wanted to end the story and I really needed words. When I am in desperate need of a surge of words, a sex scene is the best way to do that. Unfortunately, my characters were in the middle of a disagreement and they weren’t ready for makeup sex. So I skipped ahead and wrote three possible endings.

But what was interesting to me was that my character revealed to me some aspects of herself that I wasn’t expecting. I knew that she was submissive, but toward the end, she started to show some signs of being a little, too.

It’s an interesting concept, but one that I haven’t explored personally. In fact, most of my exposure has been through an excellent blog I follow. She’s just a person like you or me, but she shares a lot of her life in her blog and it’s inspiring! Feel free to point me to other resources, because when your character speaks to you, you have to listen.


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If you are 18+ years old and are interested in Adult Content, please continue…


About bit about me:

Hi everyone! My name is Jayden Vincente (or J. R. Vincente) and I am an author of erotic fiction. I’ve been writing for 15 years and published my first novel in 2015! I am active in the BDSM lifestyle and have been focusing my writing on Dominant and submissive relationships.

Published Novels:

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Gooood Morning!

Usually I post polished (or mostly polished) fiction, but today I’m going to post something a little different. I have always been pretty private about my life because my privacy is very important to me. Only because I have a day job that requires discretion.

So as I’ve thought about what I could or should write on here that would be more than short stories or answering TMI Tuesday questions, I thought about what I like reading in other blogs. I love to hear real life stories about other people’s experiences.

So I thought I would tell you a bit about my very wonderful morning…

I woke up after hubby, as always, but he had stayed in bed. We lay next to each other reading for a little while (blogs for me, gaming books for him) and then we instinctively rolled toward each other on the big bed. He playfully spanked my ass lightly. I told him he was being a tease… Whoops.

Now let me tell you about our dynamic. If you’ve followed my blog at all, you may have noticed it has a lot of BDSM elements. In some aspects, we are a 24/7 D/s couple. If he wants sex, he’ll get it. Outside the bedroom and play time, we’re equals in all things: raising the kids, budgeting, running the household, etc. But if we’re alone, and he wants it to be playtime, it is.

Anyway, this morning.

He kissed me and rolled me over so he could really spank me. I can sit here and tell you I didn’t really like the sharp sting (I much prefer a thuddy cane), but my wet pussy doesn’t lie.

Then he started playing with my clit and fingering me. But he wasn’t getting me to orgasm. We’ve been together more than a decade, so it’s unusual for him to not get me off quickly. And then he whispered in my ear, “Do you want to cum?”

Of course I said yes.

“Maybe next time you’ll think twice about telling me I’m a tease. This is teasing.”


Thankfully he did let me cum, but only with the understanding that I was going to suck him clean after he fucked me. I don’t like doing it, but when he asks, I always do.

With that understanding secured, he slid down the bed and got between my legs. Using both his fingers and his tongue, he had me screaming into a pillow in moments. Then he crawled back up my body and slid inside me. I held on tight, loving the feel of his cock inside me and the strength in his arms as he held himself above me.

After he filled me with his cum, he rolled off and I crawled over, taking him into my mouth. I am not a huge fan of the taste of myself, but it’s worth it to hear his grunts of pleasure as I suck his softening cock.

We had a quick cuddle, and then up to start the day! No rest for the weary, but at least we got to have a little fun. 🙂