Teasing #AtoZChallenge

AtoZ2019TI have waited SO long for the continuation of G is for Games, and then we got two in a row about those two! I don’t know about you, but I’m excited!


Those two. My goodness. I loved watching the submissive come into his own. It was great to see what an awesome relationship they had and how he grew in confidence, but also that he was so dedicated to his Domme. It was endearing, for sure.

She started bringing him into the shop regularly, and she would often tease him while they were in there. It started with things like the strap on, where he had to directly ask me for help with things. Sometimes he would have to ask me for my advice on which plug or set of clamps to buy. But although we had interacted a bit, I still didn’t know his name or hers for that matter. And I could tell that he still had some growing to do.

They came in one day near the end of my shift, and he immediately came up to me, smiling. “Hello, ma’am,” he said.

“Hello,” I said. “What can I help you with today?”

“Nothing right now, ma’am. We’re just here looking around today.”

“Oh?” I said. This was unusual. I was surprised that they weren’t looking for something specific.

“Nope, thank you though, ma’am.”

As they walked away from me, he wiggled his ass a bit, and I raised one eyebrow to their backs, but I didn’t comment.

After about five minutes, they hadn’t come back to the front of the store, so I wandered around to the back to see what they were up to. I idly straightened items on shelves and brushed the dust off of things that hadn’t been touched in a while. And then I found them in the back corner of the store. He was kneeling in the corner, and she was whispering in his ear.

I wasn’t even close to being able to hear what she was saying, but the look on his face said it all. He was wiggling from his kneeling position, and I could tell that he was hard beneath his pants. I didn’t know what she was saying, but I could just imagine what I would say if I had a sub in that position.

I know you want to touch yourself, but you can’t.

I know you’re hard for me, but you can’t adjust your cock. I hope you’re uncomfortable.

Or maybe he would be in a cage, and that would explain the bulge. I hope you’re pressing against your cage. I hope it’s uncomfortable.

But he wasn’t mine, so I could only imagine the teasing things she was doing. I walked back to the front of the store and left them to their games. They weren’t doing anything inappropriate, and truth be told, I was a bit jealous of their relationship. I would love to be a part of something like that, but… I had myself to deal with.

It wasn’t the last I saw of them though. I’ll come back to them a bit later…


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Strap Ons #AtoZChallenge

AtoZ2019SWeek 4! Week 4! Week 4! Here we go…


Remember the woman I wrote about in G is for Games who came in with her new submissive? A few weeks later, she came back. This time, her sub seemed a little more confident in his role. He followed her around the store as she perused the items, and while he still didn’t make eye contact with me, it seemed more like it was out of respect rather than fear. He was still hunching his shoulders, and his brown hair spilled over onto his forehead almost enough for me to want to brush it back.

After a while, I noticed that the woman was hovering around the strap on dildos so I thought I would go over and offer my assistance.

“Hello, welcome back.”

She smiled at me and said, “Thank you.”

“Is there something I can help you with today?”

“Well,” she said, “that’s quite possible.” She turned to her submissive. “Pet, why don’t you ask the nice lady about the strap ons. I’ll let you pick one out for me to use on you.”

I couldn’t suppress my grin as his brown eyes met mine. “Hello, ma’am,” he said, “would you mind telling me about the strap ons you have available?”

“Of course,” I said. I went through each one, pointing out some that vibrated to offer pleasure to both partners, some that didn’t vibrate at all and were hard, some that were softer, larger and smaller, smooth and realistic. When I was done, he smiled up at me.

“Thank you, ma’am,” he said. “I’ll take this one for my Mistress,” he said, and he indicated one that would offer her pleasure as well.

I could see that the woman was smiling, though he couldn’t see her. “That’s a good choice, pet,” she said.

I helped check them out, and then I said to her, “I’m glad I could help you out today. Hope you come again soon!”

“Oh we will,” she said with a grin. “We most certainly will.” When they left, I reminisced about the strap on adventures I had had with my girlfriend Sandy. I’ll have to write about that a bit later, and my unlikely relationship with Sandy.

But first, I have more stories to tell about these two coming up in my next post!


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Rope #AtoZChallenge

AtoZ2019RI can’t wait to hear the conclusion of Seth’s story. I feel so bad for Isola though!

But real quick, before you read Isola’s story, open up my blog over at A to Z… Ready, Set, Go… into the home stretch of A to Z!


Kathy looked around the room and settled her gaze on me. “Isola! Would you do me the honor of being my rope model?”

My eyes went wide.

“You don’t have to be naked,” she said. “You can be as clothed as you feel comfortable.”

As much as I wanted to say no because I was so queasy with my coworker Seth sitting next to me, I wanted to try rope play so badly, and I had never had the opportunity before. Seth had seen me in my underwear before, and I wasn’t that self-conscious. It was just different being next to him at a play party instead of passing at shift change at work.

But I nodded to Kathy.

“Wonderful!” she clapped her hands and pulled me up from the couch.

She and I spoke for a few moments, and then I slipped my skirt and shirt off so that I was standing in the middle of the room in just my lingerie. I felt my pussy contracting with excitement. I wanted someone to touch me so badly, but I knew that it was going to get worse before it got better.

I was glad that Kathy was the one doing the rope demonstration. I had known her in passing for a long time. It was definitely better than it being a total stranger. She had me stand in the middle of the room while she demonstrated a pattern that went around my breasts. With the lingerie on, it didn’t lay quite right between my breasts, but I think everyone got the idea. It was so limiting to have my hands unable to move, but my breasts thrust out to the room. I could feel my pussy getting wetter.

When she untied me, I whimpered at the loss of the restriction.

“You like this, don’t you?” Kathy teased me lightly.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said automatically. She smiled at me.

She started another one, using a hook on the ceiling this time. She did predicament bondage with me. It wasn’t particularly painful, but I vaguely remember her explaining how the use of clamps in particular places would make it excruciating, and so much fun.

“But I don’t know if our wonderful model would like that level of pain.” I could hear the joking nature of her voice, but I saw her look to me, asking for permission. My mind was at war. Seth was there, and I wasn’t sure if he was uncomfortable about me being the model, but I wished it had been all strangers besides Kathy.

My brain was running so fast, trying to decide what to do. I liked pain, quite a bit actually, and I loved predicament bondage and hadn’t had an opportunity for it before. But being nude in front of all these people… That was not happening.

I shook my head.

She untied me without another word. “Thank you so much for modeling for us, Isola. Everyone, enjoy the party!” She took me by the arm into another room and thanked me again for modeling. “I can tell this isn’t your cup of tea,” she said kindly, “but you did great.” I smiled. “But remember, you can leave anytime.”

I nodded, “Thank you.”

She patted my cheek gently as a mother would, and then we rejoined the party.

I didn’t stay long. It was uncomfortable for me. With Seth there and my intense fear of being nude in front of strangers, I found myself leaving shortly after the rope demonstration ended. It wasn’t my last play party, but I was definitely a lot more selective about which ones I would attend after that.

As I waited for my car to be brought around, Seth came out of the party and stood next to me.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” I replied, not making eye contact.

“I’m sorry if this is awkward,” he said, and I was surprised he wasn’t teasing.

“It’s not your fault,” I assured him.

“I know, I just,” he faltered. This was so unlike him. “I wouldn’t have come if I had known you would be here.”

“Me neither,” I said, and I wasn’t sure how to take his statement.

“I don’t want things to change between us.”

“Me neither,” I replied again. At the time, I was so confused about what Seth meant. Later, I over-analyzed but came to the conclusion that he wasn’t interested in me and didn’t want to see me at parties.


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Queasy #AtoZChallenge

AtoZ2019QOh man. Isola is a brave woman. I can’t wait to see what happens when she goes to the party!


I pulled up to the address written on the card my customer had given me. From her credit card, I knew that her name was Katherine, but now I saw that she went by Kathy. Past the mailbox was a long winding driveway. I drove up slowly, turning on the headlights. It was already after 9 pm, and the sun was setting rapidly.

When I got to the top of the driveway, a man wearing just a pair of short shorts and shoes waved me forward. When I angled my car where he wanted me, he opened my door for me.

“Hello, ma’am,” he greeted me. “I’ll park your car for you.”

“Oh!” I said, surprised.

He handed me a ticket as I stepped out of my car. “You can use this to pick up your car at the end of the night.”

“Um,” I said, uncertain, “What if I want to leave early?”

“That’s no problem, ma’am,” he said. “I will be available out in the parking lot until 11, and then after 11 I’ll be waiting inside the door to get cars for those ready to leave.”

“Oh, thanks.” At least I knew I could still leave any time.

The instructions on the invitation said to wear whatever I was comfortable in, down to nothing, but that public-appropriate attire should be worn until entering the house. It also said to bring condoms if you intended to have sex, and that toys would be clean and available. Bringing my own toys was acceptable but at the risk of losing them if they got mixed up in what belonged in the house.

I had opted to bring nothing but a small clutch purse with a few condoms, just in case. I didn’t expect to really do anything. I just wanted to check it out, and I knew Kathy wanted me to be there. Okay, well, she told me she did anyway.

The door was opened almost immediately as I approached it.

“Welcome, ma’am,” another man said. He was dressed exactly the same as the one out in the parking lot. That gave me pause. Were they employees?

“Hello,” I said. I was wearing lingerie under my clothes that I would be comfortable in throughout the party, but for now, I was wearing a comfortable knee-length skirt and a t-shirt.

“Right this way, ma’am,” another gentleman said, beckoning me forward.

I walked that way, and he brought me into a large living room. There were about five other people there, in various states of undress. I didn’t recognize any of them, so I sat down on an empty love seat. I hoped no one would sit next to me, but there were no single chairs left to choose.

As I sat, looking around, I smiled awkwardly at the other people. They were all engaged in quiet conversations already, and I didn’t want to interrupt.

Then I heard a click of heels and Kathy was standing in front of me.

“Welcome everyone!” she said brightly. “Most of you have been here before, so no worries there, but I want to extend a warm welcome to Isola who is here for the first time.” She gestured toward me, and I inclined my head slightly.

I heard footsteps coming from the same hall I came in.

“Oh, goodie! I’m glad you made it!” she turned to someone behind her and gave him air kisses on both cheeks. All I could see were his feet, but they looked familiar. Oh shit. “Seth, this is everyone; everyone this is Seth.” She paused, looked at me, and said, “Oh, well you two know each other, I’m sure!” She guided Seth over to sit next to me.

Why had it not occurred to me that Seth could be here? Why? I was an idiot.

I am sure Kathy said other things. I’m sure she gave some instructions, maybe introductions, but I totally missed it. The last thing I wanted was for Seth to be here.

I glanced in Seth’s direction, but he was looking anywhere but at me.

I vaguely heard Kathy’s heels as she walked away, and then suddenly she was back, and she had another guy in the same outfit as the two I had already encountered, but this was one carrying a long length of rope.

“It’s time to get our rope on…” she said.

And you can hear all about that in R is for Rope next time!


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Play Parties! #AtoZChallenge

AtoZ2019PPlay Parties are fun, and so is my blog post over at A to Z about Passion, and other things that make great blogs!

This should be exciting! I can’t wait for the awkwardness that is Seth.


Remember back in H is for Hot when I told you something had happened between Seth and me that told me we would never be an item? Well, I promised I would tell you the story, so here it is:

One Friday afternoon, I was helping a regular customer pick out an outfit for a play party she was hosting. After many failed attempts, she finally made a decision. I was glad that I could help her out, and rang her up with a smile.

When she took her credit card back, she slipped me a piece of paper. “Join us for the party tomorrow, darling. It will be a blast.” I stuttered a thank you, and she grinned over her shoulder calling, “Trust me! Just come. It will be fun!”

I caught the double entendre and smiled. Maybe she was right, but I had never been to a play party before, and the thought of a bunch of strangers having sex right in front of me was nerve-wracking. Sometimes my inexperience surprised people. One would think that having the contacts I did working at a sex toy store I would have experienced more, but that wasn’t the case. I had done many things by myself, and I had had both male and female partners, but I had never been to any play parties. 

By the end of my shift, I had forgotten all about the play party and the customer who had invited me. It was unusually busy, even for a Saturday, and the customers drove her from my mind. It wasn’t until I undressed at the end of the day, checking that my pants pockets were empty, that I realized I had left the invitation in my pocket. Folded up, it was the size of a business card. I unfolded it and realized that it had all the answers to my questions. Where, when, what to wear, what to bring… and to round out the “w” questions, I knew who and why!

I set it on the dresser and climbed into bed naked. Slipping my fingers down between my legs, I felt my hot core. I didn’t know why my pussy was wet, but I was so wet that I was in danger of making a mess on my sheets.

I angled my fingers so my nails wouldn’t press into the folds of my pussy and began to fuck myself with them. Then I switched to playing with my clit. My other hand wrapped around the comforter and held on tight like a lifeline.

As I neared orgasm, all I could think of was a room full of naked, sweaty, sexy bodies and how amazing it would be to be one of them, even though the thought of being naked in front of strangers terrified me.

After I had orgasmed, all I could think of was that party.

You see where this is going, right?

It never crossed my mind that anyone from the store would be at the party, but I would be so so wrong. But my roommates and I are getting ready to play Pathfinder, so I need to go prepare. You’ll have to wait for my next entry to see just how Queasy a play party can get…


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Online Ordering #AtoZChallenge

AtoZ2019OI’ll just let Isola get on with it.


Many people prefer online ordering their sex toys anymore. It’s great when you can do that, and sometimes the packages are nondescript, but did you know that some stores allow in store pick up? That allows you to do your shopping from the comfort of your incognito internet window, but also not risk your roommate picking up your package.

This story has nothing to do with my job, but rather an experience I had when I first lived on my own.

My first apartment was in a high rise, with tiny little mailboxes. Packages would be held at a window, and you had to pick it up between certain hours.

One day on my way out to meet a friend for dinner, I checked my mail and saw the slip that told me I had a package. I couldn’t remember what I had ordered, but I knew that if I didn’t pick it up before I left, I wouldn’t have the opportunity when I got back. I took the slip to the window, got my package, and then debated if I wanted to go up to my apartment and drop off the box or not. I glanced at my watch and saw that I really didn’t have time if I was going to make it to dinner.

I was carrying a backpack instead of a purse, so I hoped that if I took whatever it was out of the box, I’d be able to slip it in the backpack instead of carrying the stupid box around. I tried using one of my keys to get the tape off the box, but it was too well packaged.

I went back to the desk and said, “Do you have scissors I can use to get this open?” The attendant pulled out a box cutter and offered to do it for me. “Sure that would be great,” I said brightly.

I wished afterward that I hadn’t. You have no idea how much I wished that.

He slit the tape open and then turned it to the side to make sure the sides were also split. Unfortunately, the box must have been only held closed because of the tape because it popped right open as soon as the tape was cut. And inside the box was the biggest butt plug I had ever seen.


I had totally forgotten that I had ordered it. But now the attendant at my mail office knew that I liked giant butt plugs.

On the plus side, it fit in the backpack, and I made it to dinner on time!


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Nipple Clamps #AtoZChallenge

AtoZ2019NI don’t know about you, but I am so excited because this story continues from F is for Fetishes. I want to hear more about the cute woman!


The mousy woman from F is for Fetishes came back only a week or so after purchasing her butt plug. Knowing that she had an anal fetish, I thought she would be back for more anal toys, but she wasn’t.

She smiled at me shyly when she entered the store, but when I said a bright hello, she met my eyes.

“Is there something I can help you with today?” I asked.

“I’m not sure,” she said, dropping her gaze to the floor again.

“Okay,” I said, my voice low and comforting, “if you have any questions you can feel free to let me know.”

She nodded and turned away. She had combed the store the first time she was there, and this time she did something similar. She walked around and around the store, going up and down every aisle, looking at various items. It wasn’t until I noticed her at the nipple clamps twice that I figured out what she was looking for this time.

“You know,” I said, sliding up next to her, “there’s no shame in admitting what turns you on.”

She blushed but didn’t respond. She was holding a box with nipple clamps in it and was at least pretending to read the back.

“This is a totally safe space,” I said. “No one here will judge you for your interests, least of all me.”

“Have you used these before?” She hesitated mid-sentence, and I wondered if she had been intending to say nipple clamps but couldn’t quite bring herself to do it.

“I have,” I said. “Those are not great for beginners, though,” I said, indicating the ones she was holding. They were clover clamps and had some pretty nasty (in all the best ways) tips that would bite into flesh. I loved them, but they weren’t the best for starting out.

I handed her a different box. “These are a little more suitable.”

She turned the box over and started looking at the description. “Would you like to see them?” I asked her.

She nodded. I took the box back and opened it deftly, handing her the clamps. These were on a long chain and had rubber tips that would soften the grip a bit. “These look much better,” she said, her voice so low I almost couldn’t hear her.

“Would you like to try them?” I asked, throwing caution to the wind. I had permission to help customers try certain items. Low-cost items were definitely good, and it was with the understanding that used items couldn’t be resold, so if she chose not to buy them, the store was out the money for it, generally. I was pretty sure I could convince her to buy them, and if not, they were only $10.

“Can I do that?” she asked.

I nodded. “I can give you some privacy to try them if you’d like.” She didn’t look at all convinced. “Unless you would like some help,” I offered. I wasn’t sure she wanted it, but she nodded, more confident now.

“Sure,” I said. “Let’s go.”

The store was empty at that hour, so it was just the two of us. I took her into the back room through the door that said employees only. We had a small room where we did interviews, as well as took breaks, and Jeanette used it as an office when she was on site.

When we got into the room, she seemed to be shaking like a leaf in the wind. “Relax,” I said. “Take a deep breath.” She did. “I’m not going to do anything that you’re uncomfortable with. I promise. If you tell me it’s too much, or you don’t want to do it anymore, I’ll stop. No hard feelings.”

She nodded. “Thank you.”

I smiled and placed a hand gently on her shoulder. “My name is Isola.”

“That’s pretty,” she said, “My name is so boring. It’s Sandy.” She rolled her eyes, and I saw the spark of fire in her. “So unoriginal.”

“I think it’s pretty. It suits you,” I said.

“Does it?” she asked, incredulous.

“I think so,” I said, “but if you don’t like it, you should change it.”

She shrugged. “It’s not worth it.”

“Maybe you just need a good nickname then,” I joked.

“Like what?” she asked.

I shrugged, “Maybe pet or babygirl?”

She giggled, and at that moment, I could totally see her as a babygirl.

“Shall we?” I asked.

She nodded, suddenly very serious.

“I need to see your nipples, Sandy,” I said, my voice low.

She pulled her shirt up over her bra and pulled her breasts out of their confines.

“I’m going to touch you now,” I said. I narrated each step of what I was going to do, when I was going to touch her and where, how hard and when it was going to hurt. Once the clamps were on, she was practically panting. “You seem to like this,” I said.

She smiled and blushed. “I do.” I smiled. “I also like hearing you say my name,” she said. “It’s the first time I’ve ever liked hearing it.”

“Well, I’m glad you like it, Sandy. You are a beautiful woman.”

She was practically moaning as I ran my fingers along the chain, gently pulling on the clamps.

“I’m going to take these off in a minute,” I said, indicating the clamps. “When I do, all the blood is going to rush back into your nipples, and it’s going to hurt. It’s okay to cry out, okay?”

She nodded, biting her lip. “I’m ready,” she said.

I gripped both clamps at once and released. Sandy did cry out, and it was very sexy. I rubbed my thumbs gently over her nipples, and she moaned my name.

I was getting turned on, and that didn’t help.

“Can I kiss you?” I asked.

She blushed and nodded, and I did.

I’ll have to come to Sandy and where things went from here in U is for Unlikely Union.


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